Workshops and Trainings For Dancers


mUvmethod workshops and flexibility trainings for dancers are a great way to introduce our unique teachings and techniques to you and your dancers.

At mUvmethod we address limitations in flexibility, joint range, core strength, postural alignment and muscle activation. Unaddressed limitations generally turn into “cheating”. Cheating leads to gaps in a dancers technique. And gaps lead to frustration, burn out, fatigue, pain and even injury.

mUvmethod workshops and flexibility trainings for dancers are a great way to assess limitations in your dancers. And are a great starting point to correcting them to ensure your dancers find success and reach their goals with ease and efficiency.

Introductory Workshop

Our mUvComplete Introductory Workshop is intended for those looking to be introduced to the fundamental principles of mUvmethod. It includes our condition, stretch and recovery methods combined with stress management skills. This is a 90 minute workshop taught at your facility.

***Available in Utah and Idaho only.

Flexibility Training For Dancers

Our Flexibility Training For Dancers covers over 65 stretches, and five stretch sequences designed for dance specific improvements, such as, arabesques, grandé battements, grandé jetés, leg hold pirouettes and much, much more. Not only that our training will improve overall flexibility and mobility at a safe and efficient rate.


  • Increased Upper, Mid and Lower Back Flexibility
  • Increased Shoulder Flexibility
  • Enhanced Scapular Mobility
  • Increased Hip Flexibility and Range Of Motion
  • Increased Hamstring Flexibility
  • Decreased Back and Neck Pain
  • Increased Back and Shoulder Stability
  • Improved Posture, Balance and Alignment
  • Increased Sense of Calm and Clarity
  • Increased Ability to Focus and Manage Stress

Dance Specific Improvements

  • Arabesques
  • Penchés
  • Attitudes
  • Tilts
  • Grand Battements
  • Grand Jetés
  • Front Splits
  • Middle Splits
  • Scorpions
  • Leg Hold Turns
  • Pirouettes
  • Turn Out
  • And Much More