Weekly Classes For Dancers


mUvmethod weekly classes bring the benefits of our curriculum to your studio and studio dancers with our onsite customized classes

Proper dance conditioning is the key to preventing gaps from forming in a dancers technique. Gaps develop due to limitations in flexibility, range of motion, core stability and neutral joint positions.

Unaddressed limitations generally turn into “cheating”. Cheating leads to gaps. And gaps lead to frustration, burn out and even injury. mUvmethod weekly classes address the limitations. Which prevents future gaps. And helps dancers find success and reach their goals with ease and efficiency.

mUvComplete Weekly Classes

mUvComplete is our condition, stretch and recovery class, based on yoga and Pilates, and backed by science. mUvComplete classes are designed to improve strength, balance, posture, alignment, flexibility and stability. This allows dancers to meet the technically challenging aspects of dance with ease and efficiency free from pain and injury.

mUvStretch Weekly Classes

mUvStretch Classes are designed to release muscular, fascial and neural tension. This improves flexibility, mobility, range of motion, balance, alignment and muscle recruitment. And works to decrease pain and risk of overuse injuries. It will also set the stage for safe and effective stretching with your dancers for years to come.

Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Private, semi-private and small group instruction are an invaluable tool for students of all levels and experience. They allow you to personalize your classes and work on your specific goals with a certified instructor. Specialized and dedicated lessons are a great way to address your personal goals and work on areas of individual interest.


  • Increased Balance and Alignment
  • Increased Core Strength and Posture
  • Increased Back and Shoulder Stability
  • Improved Body Awareness
  • Increased Upper, Mid and Lower Back Flexibility
  • Increased Shoulder Flexibility
  • Enhanced Scapular Mobility
  • Increased Hip Flexibility and Range Of Motion
  • Increased Hamstring Flexibility
  • Decreased Back and Neck Pain
  • Increased Sense of Calm and Clarity
  • Increased Ability to Focus and Manage Stress
  • Decrease in Anxiety, Worry, Fear and Doubt

Dance Specific Improvements:

  • Arabesques
  • Penché
  • Tilts
  • Grand Battements
  • Grand Jeté
  • Scorpions
  • Leg Hold Turns
  • Attitudes
  • Turnout
  • Open and Closed Hip Splits
  • Middle Splits
  • And Much More