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Progressive Yoga Training by mUvmethod

mUvmethod is a progressive yoga based system designed to move U forward. Many of us have physical, mental and emotional resistance that gets in the way of growth and progression. For this reason, we’ve designed each one of our signature programs to help you let go so that you can move forward.

Additionally, we’ve designed our programs to release muscular and fascial tension, while improving strength, balance, posture, alignment and stability. As a result, mUvmethod users experience improved flexibility, mobility, core strength, enhanced performance, recovery optimization, injury prevention and pain relief.

We also incorporate various forms of meditation as a tool for mindfulness. This provides insight and allows us to move past limiting thought patterns and emotional reactions that get in our way.

mUvmethod is a meticulously crafted program to take dancers and athletes through stages of mental and emotional growth. Users of our program experience results such as increased confidence, resilience, self acceptance, creativity and enhanced ability to perform under stress. Our students experience a decrease in stress, anxiety, worry and fear. They find themselves living calmer, clearer lives.

All classes have a strong flexibility component. Our particular approach to flexibility is an incredible way to deepen flexibility and mobility. We incorporate safe and effective ways to stretch for optimal results and teach students about the nervous system and how it regulates flexibility.