What Our Weekly Stretch Curriculum Can Do For You

Here’s the truth…a safe and effective weekly stretch curriculum will make your life a LOT easier. Well at least your teaching life. Or your studio owning life. Or both!

Why? Because It will provide solutions to your biggest challenges when it comes to creating age appropriate weekly warm ups. Along with age appropriate weekly stretch sequences that your dancers (and you if you want) need to be doing!

It will also create consistency and familiarity. Both of which, are fundamental principles to safe and effective stretching…and you and your dancers deserve that!

But before we dive into all the benefits of an age appropriate weekly stretch curriculum for dancers, ages 5 and up, let’s discuss why proper stretching is so important. Along with why most stretch programs or curriculums need to be updated to meet the growing demands of dance!

Because here’s another truth…Dance has evolved, your stretches need to as well. If you’re teaching the stretches you were taught 10, 15, 20 years ago, they aren’t meeting the new demands in dance, and they certainly NEED to be updated. What worked then just isn’t sufficient for dancers now!

Why? Because the movements dancers are being asked to do NOW aren’t the same as the movements they were doing 10, 15, 20 years ago…dance has evolved! Therefore, your dance conditioning methods need to evolve too. This includes the way you stretch your dancers.

Stretching is a VERY important part of dance conditioning. In fact, age appropriate stretches should act as prerequisites to almost every dance related movement a dancer is asked to do…even something as seemingly small, in terms of required joint range of motion, as a tendu.

You see…dance involves a bunch of movements. Movement happens when your nervous system, skeletal system, muscular system and fascial system all work together in a coordinated effort. Essentially, the brain sends an impulse signal to the soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) and tells them to contract. They then contract and pull on the bones, and BAM…movement happens!

Now, it’s important to understand that while muscles contract to create movement and tendons and ligaments work to control range of motion. They also oppose movement and can therefore limit a dancers ability to do the specific dance movements he or she is being asked to do. And like I said above…even a tendu!

As mentioned above a tendu involves hip abduction and external hip rotation. Along with knee extension and a nice pointed foot, to top it all off! This one, seemingly simple dance movement, actually involves a variety of movements. Therefore, it’s opposed by a variety of muscles. This includes: the hip adductors, hip abductors, deep 6 external hip rotators, hamstrings and some muscles that run along the anterior surface of the shin and foot.

So YES, even a tendu will improve with appropriate stretching! And while I am sure you already know this…you may not know where to start? That’s where we can help. We have meticulously designed an age appropriate, progressive weekly stretch curriculum for dancers, ages5 and up.

Following our weekly curriculum will make certain your dancers sufficiently stretch all the muscles they need to stretch to meet the new and growing demands in dance. It will ensure your dancers meet ALL flexibility milestones to help them find success and reach their goals. While creating familiarity and consistency. Both of which are key to safe and effective stretching! All of which you and your dancers need and deserve…

Every year I have the opportunity to work with thousands of dancers, instructors and studio owners. And every year I am asked the same question. Not in the exact same words, of course, but once the question is peeled back it comes down to the same thing….“Christine, can you tell me exactly what to stretch, when to stretch and how to stretch?”

Based on this question I know that dancers, dance instructors and studio owners absolutely understand the importance of proper stretching. Many, just aren’t sure where to start.

This is why I have created our Level 1: Flexibility Teacher Intensive. Our Flexibility Teacher Intensives provide the answers and solutions to the many stretch related pitfalls our clients and dancers run into every day!

And not only that, our Level 1: Flexibility Teacher Intensive provides teachers, students and studio owners with our comprehensive weekly stretch curriculum, that lays out EXACTLY what to stretch, when to stretch and how to sequence the stretches!

So…if you are ready to update your stretches and are looking to:

  • Save Time
  • Maximize Your Stretch Efforts
  • Stretch All Muscle Groups (not just your hamstrings and inner hips)
  • Avoid Overstretching
  • Avoid Under Stretching
  • Create Consistency
  • Safely Improve Overall Flexibility and Mobility
  • Decrease Pain and Risk of Injury

Click here to ENROLL in or HOST a Level 1: Flexibility Teachers Intensive.

Because remember… you and your dancers deserve the most safe and effective weekly stretch curriculum. Designed to save time, maximize flexibility and make your life a whole lot easier. At least that part of your life that involves dance!

For the love of dance education!