Training Turnout Challenge

Welcome To Our Training Turnout Challenge!

This “challenge” is not a challenge in the sense of taking action in a contest or a competition. Rather, it’s a challenge that puts your knowledge of how to create safe, sustainable, and functional turnout to the test!

Because here is the truth about training turnout. There is a fine line between training turnout properly vs improperly. But the results are vast.

Meaning– when turnout is properly trained students are set up for long term success. And will see substantial improvements in:

  • Muscle Activation
  • Posture and Alignment
  • Core Strength and Control
  • Hip Flexibility and Mobility
  • And of course TURNOUT.

When dancers do NOT properly train their turn out (and again this is a VERY fine line) they will NOT be set up for long term success in dance. And not only that, improper training of turnout leads to:

  • Decreased Core Strength and Control
  • Decreased Hip Flexibility and Mobility
  • Poor Posture and Alignment
  • Improper Muscles Activation
  • Pain and Increased Risk of Injury, especially in:
    • The Ankles
    • The Knees
    • The Hips

But this does NOT need to happen. Training turnout is so simple if you just slow down and learn the fundamentals. This includes:

  • Proper muscle activation and training of your “turn out” muscles.
  • Proper core conditioning and training a neutral pelvis and spine.
  • Proper stretching to create healthy flexibility and balanced mobility.

These fundamentals work together to ensure you develop safe, sustainable, and functional turnout now and for years to come.


Here’s how the Training Turnout Challenge Works. For the next five days, you will view 1 “education” video along with 1 exercise to isolate and strengthen your “turnout” muscles.

P.S. Make sure to watch the educational videos rather than jumping right to the exercise!

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