Dancer / Scorpion Pose Flexibility eBook

Full Dancer / Scorpion Pose is a combination of spinal extension, hip extension, deep shoulder flexion, and scapular mobility. To successfully achieve this pose it is essential that you spend a good amount of time releasing tension in the hip flexors, shoulders, scapular retractors and downward rotators, along with the front and side body.

This plan assist you in safely achieving Full Dancer / Scorpion Pose, assuming the posture is available in your body. It will also greatly improve back, hip and shoulder flexibility. Which, lets be honest, is more important than wether or not you can do Full Dancer / Scorpion Pose!

This Ebook stretches 19 major muscles, will improve multiple core dance functions and provides easy access to practice anywhere.

***mUvBands are needed to perform many of the stretches in this plan.

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