Stretch eBooks

Our Stretch eBooks target ALL areas dancers need to stretch to meet the technical side of dance with ease and efficiency!

They include 17+ stretches along with weekly stretch sequences. The stretches and stretch sequences in our eBooks target the: hip flexors, hamstrings, inner hips, outer hips, calves, shoulders, mid backs and more!

They include images and step by step instruction for 65+ stretches. Our ebooks are available as downloads or print. So you can literally do them anywhere!

Price range: $19.95 – $57.95

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What Can Our Stretch Ebooks Do For You?

Our stretch eBooks provide you with step by step instruction and images for 65+ stretches. They include weekly stretch sequences that can be done at home, at your dance studio, on vacation…anywhere you want.

Our Stretch Ebooks target all major muscles and muscle groups and will improve flexibility in the following areas:

Hip Flexors and Quads

Outer Hip, Lateral Thigh and Side Body

Deep 6 External Hip Rotators

Inner Hip and Thigh

Hamstrings and Calves

Shoulder, Mid Back and Spine

The dance specific improvements you will experience when you put our mUvStretch eBooks to use are:

  • Open and Closed Hip Splits
  • Middle Splits
  • Arabesques
  • Penchés
  • Attitude Derrierès
  • Grande Battements
  • Grande Jetès
  • Ala Seconde Turns
  • Second Leaps
  • Back Leaps and Side Leaps
  • Grande Pas De Chat
  • Turning Open Second Leaps
  • Helicopter Jumps
  • Leg Pirouettes
  • Tilts and Switch Tilts
  • Fan Kicks
  • Illusions and Lay Outs
  • Scorpions and Needles
  • Front and Back Walkovers
  • Fire Bird Jumps
  • Spinal Extension
  • Overall Hip Mobility
  • Overall Shoulders and Scapular Mobility
  • Hip Placement and Alignment

Who Are Our Stretch Ebooks For?

Our Stretch Ebooks are for dancers, dance instructors and studio owners looking for safe and effective stretches and stretch sequencing to improve flexibility and reach their dance specific goals. Our eBooks are also great for tumblers, gymnasts, ice skaters, cheerleaders and yogis looking to improve overall flexibility and mobility.

What Sets Our Stretch Ebooks Apart?

Our stretches, stretch sequencing and approach to stretching sets us apart from many stretch programs out there. We are NOT a get flexible quick program. Our programs are backed by science and center around safe and effective stretching. Not only do our Stretch Ebooks include step-by-step instruction and images of 65+ stretches. They also include a weekly stretch sequence and provide education around safe and effective stretching NOW and for years to come!


Following check out you will receive an email with download instructions. Make sure to follow the instructions! Once you download your eBooks you will be able to view them from your computer, smart TV, tablet, smartphone.

**If you order the print versions you can expect to receive them within 7 business days. Print versions also come with downloads.

After purchasing your eBooks you have unlimited access to them.

This depends on how many eBooks your purchased and how many stretch sequences you plan to follow a week. Each eBook includes a 20 – 35 minute stretch sequence. We recommend you follow the sequence 1 – 3 times a week.

Our Stretch eBooks are for dancers, dance instructors and studio owners looking for safe and effective stretches and stretch sequencing to target ALL the areas dancers need to stretch to reach their goals and necessary flexibility milestones.

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on our eBooks. Once they are downloaded they cannot be returned.

Yes, mUvBands were specifically designed to go with the stretches in these programs. Click here to add them to your cart.

mUvBands, combined with our stretches, align the body to ensure the greatest gains in flexibility. Using other Bands is NOT recommended. Specifically bands with stretch as we cannot ensure proper safety and alignment. Nor can we guarantee they will stretch the target areas to help you reach your dance specific goals!

mUvBands come in three easy to use sixes- meaning no adjusting necessary. And target the following hard to stretch areas:

  • Hip Flexors
  • Hamstrings
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Lower, Mid and Upper Back

Our downloadable mUvStretch eBooks are an incredible way to assist dancers in deepening their flexibility and mobility at a safe and efficient rate. Ebooks incorporate effective ways to stretch for optimal results. And include a wide variety of postures, stretches, sequences, and techniques that address muscular and fascial tightness throughout the entire body.