In Studio Training

Train with us in your own studio

Looking to ensure YOUR dance condition, stretch and recovery methods appropriately meet the growing demands on dancers? While providing tools for your dancers to manage stress in the perfection driven world of dance? Then bring mUvmethod to your dancers NOW with our In-Studio Programs!

mUvComplete Introductory Workshop

Our mUvComplete Introductory Workshop is a yoga and Pilates based condition, stretch and recover workshop. It is designed to release muscular, fascial and neural tension while improving strength, balance, posture, alignment and stability. Each mUvComplete Workshop emphasise strength as well as flexibility and particular approach to stretching.

mUvRecover Workshops

Don’t let overtraining, fatigue and injury impair your upcoming competition and performance season. If you want to perform at your best you need to take time to recover. This ensures time for the body to heal, decreases pain and optimizes performance. mUvRecover incorporates active recovery and stretching, passive stretching, myofascial release and stress management.

mUvComplete Weekly Classes

mUvComplete is our condition, stretch and recovery class, based on yoga and Pilates, and backed by science. mUvComplete classes are designed to improve strength, balance, posture, alignment, flexibility and stability. This allows dancers to meet the technically challenging aspects of dance with ease and efficiency free from pain and injury.

mUvStretch Weekly Classes

mUvStretch Classes are designed to release muscular, fascial and neural tension. This improves flexibility, mobility, range of motion, balance, alignment and muscle recruitment. And works to decrease pain and risk of overuse injuries. It will also set the stage for safe and effective stretching with your dancers for years to come.