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Our Innovative Approach

Dayna and Molly backbendAt mUvmethod we understand that everything in the body is connected.  We look at the body from the perspective of fibrous fascial connective tissue, where the muscles fit into the fascial web of the body. Rather than seeing one muscle as originating and inserting at one particular point, dividing and separating the body, we see the connection of one muscle to the next via the connective tissue.  This gives us a clearer understanding around why you just can’t have something affect one part of the body without it affecting the rest. For example,  most of us have experienced an injury in a particular place like the neck and then the shoulder starts to hurt and moves into the wrist and eventually into the foot. In our culture we describe this as “just getting old”, but it’s not a result of getting old, it’s the result of a dehydrated, unhealthy fascial system.

The good news is, at mUvmethod we understands this.  One of our primary focuses is on rehydrating and rehabilitating the fascial system.  This create  resilience, joint health and allows the body to move freely without restrictions. So how do you rehydrate the fascial system?  Drink more water?  Well yes and no.  Hydration is great for your body but if your fascia is dehydrated it’s like having a bunch of little kinks in your fascial system and no matter how much water you drink it can’t get to the kinks, the dehydrated tissues.  In order to get the fluids to the dehydrated tissues you need to get better irrigated, which means you need to work on the soft tissue. So how do we work the soft tissues?  You move, in a particular way to help the soft tissue work its way off, this is possible through out unique exercises. The way you approach movement will either draw hydration into your tissues or push it out.  At mUvmethod we know how to draw it in.

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