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mUvStretch Workshops

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mUvmethod workshops are designed to bring the many benefits of our programs to you. Workshops can be custom tailored to meet your studio or team’s specific training and conditioning needs. Or, choose from one of our Dance Specific Workshops below.

All workshops begin with a session of focused attention meditation, a.k.a., breath awareness. Followed by a short warm-up sequence, sun salutations, a dynamic sequence, core abdominal work and back strengtheners. From there, we move to active stretches to increase short and long term flexibility along with passive stretching for recovery and pain relief.

Dance Specific Workshops

Higher Arabesque and Improved Turnout Workshop

This workshop is designed to improve hip extension, shoulder flexion, scapular mobility and spinal extension. And stretches many muscles and surrounding fascia of the hips and low back. This increases hip flexibility, range of motion, turnout and decreases hip and low back pain associated with imbalances in the surrounding musculature of the hips.

This workshop improves arabesques, penchés, turn out, grand jetés, tilts, scorpions and anything that involves hip and spinal extension along with shoulder flexion.

Better Battements and Leaps Workshop

This workshop is designed to improve both hip extension and hip flexion. We first focus on stretching the hip flexors, inner hip (adductors) and outer hip (abductors) as these muscles greatly oppose hip extension. This affects the bottom leg on a Grand Battement, or back leg in a Grand Jeté!

We then move to stretches designed to release muscular and fascial tension in the back of the body, which works to enhance hamstring and calf flexibility. This greatly improves the height of their top leg in a Grand Battement and the height of both legs in their leaps.

Enhanced Tilts and Middle Splits Workshop

This workshops is designed to stretch and release tension in the inner hip (adductors), hamstrings, outer hip (abductors) and lateral rotators. This greatly improves hip mobility and flexibility, decreases back pain and allows for more range of motion throughout the body.

Greater inner hip flexibility and range of motion allows for accessible and higher tilts, leg hold turns, leaps and anything that requires inner hip flexibility. Meaning, it will improve a lot!

Improved Penché, Scorpion and Firebird Workshop

This workshop is designed to improve hamstring flexibility, hip and spinal extension, shoulder flexion and scapular mobility.  It will also improve balance, stability and back strength.

A penche, Scorpion or Firebird jump is a combination of spinal extension, hip extension, deep shoulder flexion and scapular mobility. To successfully achieve these positions it is essential that you spend a good amount of time releasing tension and tightness in the hip flexors, shoulders, scapular retractors and downward rotators, along with the front and side body. This workshop will do just that!

Booking mUvStretch Workshops

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Benifits of Our Workshops

  • Increased Balance and Alignment

  • Increased Core Strength and Balance

  • Increased Back and Shoulder Stability

  • Improved Posture and Body Awareness.

  • Increased Upper, Mid and Lower Back Flexibility

  • Increased Shoulder Flexibility

  • Enhanced Scapular Mobility

  • Increased Hip Flexibility and Range Of Motion

  • Increased Hamstring Flexibility

  • Decreased Back and Neck Pain

  • Increased Sense of Calm and Clarity

  • Increased Ability to Focus and Manage Stress

  • Decrease in Anxiety, Worry, Fear and Doubt

Dance specific improvements

  • Arabesques

  • Penché

  • Tilts

  • Grand Battements

  • Grand Jeté

  • Scorpions

  • Leg Hold Turns

  • Attitudes

  • Turnout

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • Open and Closed Hip Splits

  • Middle Splits

  • Your Content Goes Here
  • And Much More

What You Get

  • 75 – 90 minute workshop

  • Taught by a certified mUvmethod instructor

What you need

**16 student minimum.

Booking The Series

Workshops can be scheduled at your facility or can be attended at participating locations and times throughout the year. Please contact Molly, to book or learn more.

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