mUv Weekly Classes

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Our weekly classes are designed to release muscular, fascial and neural tension while improving strength, balance, posture, alignment and stability. This allows dancers to meet the technically challenging aspects of dance with ease and efficiency free from pain and injury.

The benefits of mUvmethod are not only physical. mUv classes are designed to take dancers through stages of mental and emotional growth. The results are increased confidence, resilience, creativity, self acceptance and expression.

All classes have a strong flexibility component. Our particular approach to flexibility is an incredible way to assist dancers in deepening their flexibility and mobility. We incorporate safe and effective ways to stretch for optimal results and teach students about the nervous system and how it regulates flexibility. Over time our students learn to work with rather than against it and see a rapid increase in flexibility.


  • Customized weekly, bi – weekly or monthly mUvmethod classes
  • Flexibility Plans and Programs
  • A certified mUvmethod Instructor
  • Discounts on Flexibility Trainings and Online Courses.


  • A yoga mat
  • A yoga wheel (optional)
  • mUvBands


  • Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Increased Core Strength and Balance
  • Performance Optimization
  • Pain Relief and Injury Prevention
  • Enhanced Confidence and Resilience
  • Improved Focus, Creativity and Clarity
  • Decreased Stress, Anxiety and Fear


  • Arabesques
  • Penché
  • Tilts
  • Grand Battements
  • Grand Jeté
  • Scorpions
  • Leg Hold Turns
  • Attitudes
  • Turnout
  • Open and Closed Hip Splits
  • Middle Splits
  • And Much More
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