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mUvComplete Weekly Classes


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mUvComplete is a yoga based condition, stretch and recover class. This weekly class is designed to release muscular, fascial and neural tension while improving strength, balance, posture, alignment and stability. Which allows dancers to meet the technically challenging aspects of dance with ease and efficiency free from pain and injury.

The benefits of mUvmethod are not only physical. mUv classes are designed to take dancers through stages of mental and emotional growth. The results are increased confidence, resilience, creativity, self acceptance and expression.

All classes have a strong flexibility component. Our particular approach to flexibility is an incredible way to assist dancers in deepening their flexibility and mobility at a safe and efficient rate. We incorporate effective ways to stretch for optimal results and teach students about the nervous system and how it regulates flexibility. Over time our students learn to work with rather than against it and see a rapid increase in flexibility.

Class Description

mUvComplete classes begin with a session of focused attention meditation, a.k.a., breath awareness followed by a short warm-up sequence and sun salutations to get the body moving and create heat. Moving to dynamic sequences, balancing postures, core abdominal and back work to enhance strength, mobility, balance and alignment. And end with active stretching to increase short and long term flexibility along with passive stretching for recovery and pain relief.

All classes also include Open Monitoring Meditation, a form of mental training and stress management. Loving Kindness Meditation and a short rest period called, Savasana.

Booking mUvComplete weekly classes

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Benifits of mUvComplete

  • Increased Balance and Alignment

  • Increased Core Strength and Balance

  • Increased Back and Shoulder Stability

  • Improved Posture and Body Awareness

  • Increased Upper, Mid and Lower Back Flexibility

  • Increased Shoulder Flexibility

  • Enhanced Scapular Mobility

  • Increased Hip Flexibility and Range Of Motion

  • Increased Hamstring Flexibility

  • Decreased Back and Neck Pain

  • Increased Sense of Calm and Clarity

  • Increased Ability to Focus and Manage Stress

  • Decrease in Anxiety, Worry, Fear and Doubt

Dance specific improvements

  • Arabesques

  • Penché

  • Tilts

  • Grand Battements

  • Grand Jeté

  • Scorpions

  • Leg Hold Turns

  • Attitudes

  • Turnout

  • Open and Closed Hip Splits

  • Middle Splits

  • And Much More

What You Get

  • A 60 – 75 minute class taught weekly at your facility

  • A certified mUvmethod Instructor

  • Our Weekly Curriculum

What you need

  • A yoga mat

  • mUvBands

Please contact Molly, to book or learn more.

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